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HCC Lounge EP61: More China & Other News

Manny Returns to Budda and Greg just in time to weigh in on the China conversation. Other topics this week include Modern Warfare ditching loot boxes for a battle pass. Stallaris mobile art theft!, Outer Worlds and the curse of the Day 1 patch, High end retro hand held device, and someone calls for the cancellation of storm trooper outfits for kids... And of course... MUCH MUCH MORE!

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HCC Lounge EP42: Remembering Artax... and gaming stuff

Manny, Ty and Budda welcome back the lovely AlmondZMBduck to the Lounge to talk all things Artax… and also some gaming news. This week they talk about a few upcoming games and trailers before E3, Phil Spencer readying the path for a new PC focused Xbox, Gamestop still in free fall, Artifact Shenanigans on Twitch, and a few Netflix shows to be excited for…

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