HCC Lounge EP47: Manny Gets Swifty

Manny, Ty, and Budda are together again to talk about all the games, gaming, and all things entertainment that happened over the week. This week topics include Nintendo's Switch Lite, #NotMyTurok, Dr. Mario, $60,000 Pokemon card LOST!, Valve launches Steam Labs, and Gears of War 5 removes smoking.

And of course Taylor Swift...

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HCC Lounge EP46: Aaand We're Back

After an unplanned week off (Sorry!) Manny and Ty touch base to talk about the happenings in gaming over the past few weeks. Topics include Etika found dead, a touching gaming story, Dr. Disrespect snaps back at Kotaku, Tetris Royale comes to mobile, Stranger Things comes to Fortnite, and Belle Delphine shuts down the internet...

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HCC Lounge EP42: Remembering Artax... and gaming stuff

Manny, Ty and Budda welcome back the lovely AlmondZMBduck to the Lounge to talk all things Artax… and also some gaming news. This week they talk about a few upcoming games and trailers before E3, Phil Spencer readying the path for a new PC focused Xbox, Gamestop still in free fall, Artifact Shenanigans on Twitch, and a few Netflix shows to be excited for…

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HCC Lounge EP41: Sexy Cronic Time

Tyfighter and Manny welcome CronicCrusader back to the Lounge! They discuss BudaWils decidedly wholesome instagram video, League of Legends mobile, TFue vs. Faze Clan, Apex struggles, Sony Playstation News, Phil Spencer wanting to be our Game Daddy, the impending Esports Bubble... AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

Hop into the lounge this week and enjoy!

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