World of Warcraft Patch 8.2.5 Breakdown


Author: Craven665

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Patch 8.2.5is now LIVE! This patch is giving us some exciting changes. This also marks the official 15th anniversary of World of Warcraft. Here’s a look at what this patch gives us.

Level Syncing

How many times have started a character to level with someone just to have them take forever and you end up out leveling them? How many times have you started a character with a friend and they’ve out leveled you? Well, Blizzard has the answer to this dilemma. It’s called “Level Syncing”. What it does is it allows a higher-level player to scale down their character temporarily to match the level range. While Level Sync is active you can do the same quests with the party. This means you will be able to see the progress and be in the same phase as the rest of the party. More info and details can be found HERE.


New Worgen and Goblin Models

Until now, these two races character models have never been touched. Since they were introduced in Cataclysm their models were more advanced than the current player models. Now, they are the oldest and due for a face lift. These updated models will improve the overall look and animations. Despite being new models, the design team stuck the original concept for inspiration.



A new Reputation and Mount

In the area of Stormsong a new hive has been discovered. Alliance players can work to gain favor with the Hive mother and get the Honeyback Harvester mount. This mount is a giant flying bumble bee. While the mount is Alliance only, Horde can also work towards other rewards such as pets and toys. 


The Conclusion of the War Campaign

Since the start of the expansion, a fierce battle has raged on between the Horde and Alliance forces. At this point the war isn’t as clear cut as Alliance versus Horde. Sylvanas has taken the Horde down a dark path. A revolution has formed. Saurfang gathers his forces and has banded together with Anduin to bring an end to Sylvanas’s madness. What does this mean for future content? Will we be seeing the announcement of a new expansion at this year’s Blizzcon? Only time will tell. 


Buffs and Nerfs and more…OH MY!

As with any patch there will also be changes to each class as well as bug fixes. For details on these changes you can go HERE for more details. Now get out there and FIGHT! 




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