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In the never ending fight for the hearts, minds, and appetites of potential customers their have been a slew of memorable marketing campaigns lobbed at each other. The battle between fast food establishments have always been fierce, but in recent days, the battle grounds have been expanding. Kentucky Friend Chicken recently released a dating simulator named I Love You Colonel Sanders. This unexpected announcement was well received and eagerly covered by gaming enthusiasts for not only its unexpected and humorous nature, but by the surprisingly high quality of its production as well.

Not to be outdone by the Colonel, Wendy’s has made a deliciously unexpected announcement of their own. The self proclaimed “Clapback Queen” has simultaneously announced and released their own tabletop role playing game entitled Feast of Legends.


The World


Feast of Legends, at face value is hilarious. But like any good burger, it is when you look under the bun that things start to get truly interesting. The table top rpg is explained fully in a free to download guide book. And very much like the dating simulator of KFC, the quality of the production really brings home the well marketed joke. The PDF is nearly one hundred pages long complete with world descriptions, maps, character classes, enemies, lore, and everything else you would expect in a tabletop role playing game. Truly no burger was left unflipped in the making of this game. The Guide Book explains the primary world conflict as such:

You are adventurers in the realm of Beef ’s Keep, where the nations have been splintered over major disagreements in how to treat the realm’s people. Creepingvale and the United Clown Nations have led their people into a collective darkness known as The Deep Freeze. While the world currently feels like a cold and desolate place, you reside in the one nation that remains a true beacon of hope: Freshtovia.

Freshtovia, the beacon of hope against the encroaching forces of "The Deep Freeze” lead by Creepingvale of the United Clown Nations. So basically, you are fighting off the evil forces of McDonalds and their frozen patty cookin broken milkshake machine havin selves. It is within this world that the battle for fresh never frozen beef wages on.


Character Classes


Character classes within the game are broken into three main groups known as Orders. As you may have guessed, these orders are directly linked to their menu. You have the Order of the Chicken, the Order of the Beef, and of course the Order of the Sides.

Each of these classes have further delineations and character types with their own set of characteristics, skills, and level progression. As an example, within the Order of the Beef, you will find the Order of the Baconator. This Order is described as being well suited for the “meaty adventurers” as they are “large and beefy warriors known for their size and strength.”

The artwork within the book is top quality. Any one of the characters depicted in Feast of Legends would feel right at home within the Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook. A look at the Order of the Baconator as an example would be right at home with the most battle hardened Barbarian within the pages of D&D. The clear advantage going to the Baconator, because… well, because bacon.


Who Will Be Next?!?

It is an interesting time to be both a gaming and fast food aficionado. With such high quality marketing ventures within the gaming space it is clear fodder for video game content creators to latch onto and stream for their communities. This is one marketing trend I hope to see a bit more of, at least for the time being. Or rather, at least as far as the quality remains high.

The question I have however, is who will be the next fast food restaurant chain to release their own game? Will Creepingvale of the United Clown Nations, I mean, Ronald of the McDonald clan have a response in kind? I suppose only time will tell.

So what do you think of a fast food tabletop game? Will you play it? Is this making you hungry? Let me know in the comments!


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