Benefits of Gaming with Game Pass


Author: Michael “UglyRugger” Jones

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Let Game Pass show you the way!

Let Game Pass show you the way!

Did you watch the Microsoft Showcase at E3 on Mixer, Twitch, or YouTube? Did you hear about updates to Game Pass from somewhere else? Were you intrigued by the idea of Game Pass Ultimate as I was? Well let’s dive into details of the new Game Pass and let’s discuss why I think this is the future of gaming on the Xbox as well as a Windows 10 PC. As always, the opinions mentioned in this post are my own and your results may vary. Don’t forget, this is written by the ugliest man on Mixer, so you have been warned! ;)

What is Game Pass, Game Pass for PC, and Game Pass Ultimate?

In case there is anyone out there not in the know, let’s discuss what is Game Pass and what options there are for these services.

From the Xbox website, you can see a comparison of the different Game Pass options.

From the Xbox website, you can see a comparison of the different Game Pass options.

Game Pass original is exclusive for the Xbox 1 platform. It is a $9.99 a month subscription service that you can cancel at anytime. With this subscription you gain access to well over 100 games that can be played on an Xbox 1. A small portion of the games are Xbox original titles and a slightly larger portion consists of Xbox 360 titles that are backwards compatible. Probably 85% of what is available are Xbox 1 games. Something to realize is that games do rotate on and off the Game Pass list. However, the benefit is when you download a game through Game Pass, you get to keep it in your library until you uninstall it. Even if it rotates off the list, you can still play the games you install with only one criteria. You MUST stay subscribed to Game Pass.

Game Pass for PC is a new service created by Microsoft and Xbox that now extends their presence into PC gaming. It is currently in BETA but come August should be rolling strong (according to the E3 showcase). If you go to the Xbox website you can click the “Get Started” button on their page for Game Pass for PC BETA and go ahead and participate in it. Unfortunately, you do have to subscribe to this $4.99 a month service to participate, but this price will change after this initial introductory period to $9.99 a month. There is another promotional pricing where you can get your first month for $1 if you haven’t signed up previously. The operation of this service is just like Game Pass original but there are, at the time of this post, 118 games designed for play on the PC specifically.

Game Pass Ultimate is, in my opinion and situation, the best bang for the buck out of the three options provided by Microsoft. Game Pass Ultimate is $14.99 a month but currently comes with great promotional deals that can help you get started with this version of the subscription. Ultimate is three different subscriptions in one, Game Pass for Xbox, Game Pass for PC, and Xbox Live Gold. You get all the features of Xbox and PC Game Pass but your Xbox Live subscription is now included in the price and you do not have to buy monthly, 6 month, or year subscriptions. They are running a deal where you get three months of Game Pass Ultimate for the price of one month. What is truly legendary is if you sign up for Game Pass Ultimate and you have time left on your Game Pass original and Xbox Live subscriptions, those will roll over into Ultimate and you are given credit!! But wait, there’s more! Ultimate has Deals with Gold, Games with Gold, access to Gears 5 Ultimate Edition (4 days early on both console and PC), the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition character pack and 30 days of Boost.

What About the Games?


So we know about the different subscriptions, but what about the games? Are they worth the cost? In my opinion, it is a resounding yes!!

First of all, there are so many AAA titles as well as independent titles to choose from.

Secondly, if you ever missed getting to play any of the games that are offered on any of the Game Passes, you aren’t having to pay the retail price to play it.

Thirdly, you can pick and choose what to play and when. Trying out a game is now super easy. Download it, play it, and decided to keep or uninstall it. As long as you are subscribed, you can download and play as many of the offered games as you like for one price.

Lastly, Microsoft has grown their Microsoft Studios to include some amazing developers. In the next few months, some of the most anticipated games are going to be available for play on their day of release on Game Pass without having to pay the $60 price tag!

I could make a list of what games catch my eye, but I would never stop typing and you would probably get so bored you would want to punch me in the face. So if you are curious what games are offered currently, follow this link and explore the awesome sauce! Current Library of Game Pass Games

Why I Am so Excited for the Future

Some of you may already know some of my story, but after college I basically had to quit gaming. I became a teacher and I had to go to my certification classes multiple times a week, grade papers, and develop lessons from scratch. Plus I lived with my parents for 8 months after college, so there really wasn’t any time to game. I did eventually get my own place and my girlfriend (now wife) moved in with me. So gaming got put into the back seat for about 6 years. Therefore, I missed so much and so many games that I knew I could never afford to buy let alone have time to play. However, in the past 2 years I discovered streaming and got back into gaming, first with my PC in Overwatch and then into the Xbox 1 X after only having a 360 for over 10 years.

With that being said, let me spell out some things I’m looking forward to in the future of Game Pass

  • All gamers are about to get access to tons of new titles on their day of release.

  • Tons of quality games will be playable for a more manageable month price, rather than full retail.

  • Since I have an Xbox 1 X and a PC, I can use Ultimate to play games on my Xbox and PC for cheap!!

  • Game Pass Ultimate folds in the cost of Xbox Live into the subscription and for one price you can get access to everything.

  • One year of Game Pass Ultimate is equal to the same cost of one year of Game Pass for Xbox and Xbox Live, but you also get access to Game Pass for PC for no additional cost. Plus the cost is more spread out over the year, rather than a lump sum at one time.

  • 15 extraordinary studios have joined Microsoft in providing titles on Game Pass on their day of release as well as previous releases from before they joined Microsoft.

  • More studios will probably join throughout the next year.

  • You can choose a Game Pass plan that works for your preferred gaming platform and budget.

With all these positives for the future of gaming with Game Pass, you know there are going to be a few cons. To me, the pros out way the cons significantly, but you may disagree. This list is what I could think of, so I may have missed a few.

  • There may be games you want play that are not provided by Game Pass. You are gonna have to shell out the clams for those.

  • Ultimate, even though it is the same price as a year of Game Pass and Xbox Live, you may not be interested or even have a PC to play those games on. So the Game Pass for PC part of Ultimate may be a wasted feature in your eyes.

  • If you are someone that doesn’t like automatic payments every month, you may not like the payment structure of the Game Pass services.

  • Easy come easy go! The big con with subscription services is that you don’t actually own the games! If a game you love leaves Game Pass you loose access to that game in the future. On the flip side however they do offer a discount if and when you do decide to buy to own.

Final Thoughts

Throughout this blog you can probably tell how pleased I am with Game Pass overall. Even though I try to look at things with an objective lens, this type of content always brings out bias in me. So if you feel I missed anything, let me know in the comments section.


In conclusion, Game Pass is MY future of gaming. Will it be my only way of accessing games? No. However it will be a staple. With me having a decent gaming PC and an Xbox 1 X, Game Pass Ultimate is the best value. For only an additional $5 a month than what I was paying for just Game Pass original, I no longer have to scrounge up another $60 for a year of Xbox Live on top of my Game Pass payments. A $15 a month payment allows me to feel more secure in my gaming experience and I know that I wont go without. As a husband, new dad, teacher, coach, and streamer, things that can make me feel more financially secure as well as be put on auto renew from my bank account, make my stress go down. I know that I have access to games I want to play and even a bunch that I may not initially be interested in, but if I try them I just might find a new favorite. Paying $60 for every new game that comes out, just to try and see if I will like it, is too rich for my blood. With the hype of Microsoft at E3, I feel confident that many of the games that I saw while watching the showcase will come to my console for free through my subscription. How exciting is that?! So, let me know what you think. Were you aware of the new Game Pass offers? What games are you hoping come to Game Pass this year? Are you subscribing to Game Pass Ultimate, PC, or Xbox?