FREE GAMES: Mutant Year Zero, Hyper Light Drifter, And Fez


Author: Manny C.

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Right now is an exciting time to check out the Epic Games Store! Every week you get a free game to add to your library. And some of them are really great! The game lineup Epic has up for this and next week are no exception! Hyper Light Drifter and Mutant Year Zero are both FREE RIGHT NOW! But before you head on over to the Epic Store to get your download on let’s give them a quick look as well as get a look at Fez which is available for free the week of the 22nd.

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is a beautifully stylized top down action adventure rpg game. The presentation of the game is flawless in its retro pixel art delivery. It reminds you of classic offerings within the genre while kicking up the anti with its tight controls, visual effects, and downright hypnotizing music. The story is engrossing but also filled with interpretation as their is no actual dialog written or otherwise within the game. Instead, HLD depends on its visual and musical story telling capabilities. This game will not hold your hand but will deeply reward the player who puts in the time and effort to explores the world.


Mutant Year Zero

Mutant Year Zero takes the tactical turn based mechanics of XCOM with the added emphases of exploration, stealth, and of course mutants. The game has little trouble transitioning between real time exploration and stealth to traditional tactical turn based strategy gameplay. The world it builds is interesting, the characters well done, and the gameplay fun and challenging. This is without a doubt a game you would do well with trying especially if you are a fan of turn based strategy games like XCOM.



Fez will be made available for free this Thursday August 22nd. I was first introduces to Fez through the fantastic indie film “Indie Game: The Movie”. I loved this film! after watching it I immediately wanted to go out to support every game mentioned in the film. Although this little article is more about Fez being free on the 22nd. I highly recommend you go out to watch this film. It introduces you to Phil Fish among others and their individual journeys in coding their hopes and dreams into a game.

The story of Fez is pretty straight forward. You are Gomez, a cute little character content in his 2D world. When the sudden appearance and subsequent destruction of a 3D Cube abruptly and profoundly changes the world, Gomez is tasked with finding the broken pieces of the cube to make all things right.

Fez presents a 2D world while forcing you to think and solve a series of 3D puzzles. It takes the most classic form of game, the 2D platformer, and adds a simple yet profound mechanic which turns the entire genre on its head. Fez is in fact a 3D game with 2D presentation. The 3D nature of the world is shown by turning the world 90 degrees at a time. This creates new pathways and opportunities depending on the angle you are viewing the world. This deceptively simple mechanic allows for entirely unique navigation and puzzle interactions.

Phil Fish, the games creator, has since become a polarizing figure in the gaming world, but regardless of your thoughts of him personally, Fez is a masterpiece.

And starting August 22nd, it will be free.