Mystery Free Batman Game Revealed!


Author: Manny C.

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Last week Epic Games Store teased this photo (shown above) with Batman, and Lego Batman. It didn’t take a batman detective cowl (although we wore one anyway) to figure out that Epic planned to release at least one batman game, one of which was clearly a Lego game. I have been wearing my detective cowl FOR A WEEK now. In that time we found clues as to more Epic / Batman commingling. Fortnite has recently announced a Batman event within its game complete with themed world art and skins. Is this a marketing event to promote the upcoming Joker movie? With a little bit of more detective work (Thank God for this cowl) I discovered that Sept. 21st is in fact Batman Day, and this year marks the 80th year since the creation of the character. So… maybe that? Either way the mystery of the Epic Games Store Batman lineup is finally over, and to my surprise, the game selection is quite bigger than I had hoped.

This week Epic has BOTH Batman: Arkham Collection AND the Lego Batman Trilogy!

Arkham Collection

The Arkham Collection includes the genre defining Batman Arkham Asylum as well as the follow ups Batman Arkham City and Arkham Knight.


Lego Batman Trilogy

The Lego Batman Trilogy includes Lego Batman the videogame, Batman 2 DC Super Heroes, and Batman 3 Beyond Gotham.


All of these games were great in their own right and shows the sheer marketing might of Batman for both young and old. Be sure to get your 6 free games this week! The offer ends on September 26th.




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